Developing & Communicating Sound Organisational Policy & Procedures

2 Day Workshop

Interactive learning for practitioners responsible for writing and implementing the policies and procedures used by organisations, businesses and management committees.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the function of policy for organisations and their oversight bodies
  • Identify the policies and procedures needed for your organisation
  • Understand the stages of the policy-development process
  • Know how to engage approvers, implementers and those affected to test and deliver what is needed and to facilitate approvals by decision-makers
  • Know how to write policies and procedures that are clear and concise
  • Understand the features of a good organisational system for policy, procedure and guideline development
  • Know how to facilitate smooth implementation
  • Know how to plan for long-term management and evaluation

Free copy of The Australian Policy Handbook


An invaluable guide for practitioners, academics and students to the craft of policy analysis, development and evaluation. It is an important resource for those with a commitment to sound evidence-based public policy.

Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO

An enduring and important contribution to the field. Althaus, Bridgman and Davis’ pioneering policy cycle approach continues to offer vital insights into the policy-making process in Australia and internationally.

Lisa Paul AP PSM, Former Secretary of the Department of Education


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Course Overview

Day One:  Planning organisational policy and procedures

1. Policy issues

  • What is policy? (From public policy to organisational policy)
  • Policies vs procedures
  • Policy as smoke screen or aspiration

2.  Organisational policy

  • Why do you need policies and procedures?
  • What makes policies and procedures work?
  • What does good policy look like?
  • Your organisation: What do you have? What do you need?
  • Managing policy development in a changing organisational environment

3.  Policy approvers, responsible officers and users

  • What do policy approvers, responsible officers and users want and need?
  • Providing what they need: the briefing note and board paper
  • Encouraging engagement and buy-in

4. What does good policy look like?

  • Common threads and organisational differences
  • Understanding successful policy
  • Defining policy scope (and avoiding policy creep)
  • Developing a policy framework
  • Developing a policy template 

Day Two: Writing and implementing organisational policy and procedures

5. Developing content for policies and procedures

  • Research and needs analysis
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Consulting across the organisation
  • Checklists – friend or foe

 6. Writing for clarity and purpose

  • Working with your template
  • Achieving the right style and tone
  • Writing in plain English
  • Writing strategies

7. Implementation and communication

  • Achieving sign-off and agreement
  • Integrating policy across the organisation
  • Encouraging uptake
  • Making policies findable and searchable
  • Making policy part of everyday business
  • Policy as part of workplace induction

8. Evaluation and long-term management

  • Guiding and training authors
  • Policy coherence and internal consistency
  • Registering, revising and reviewing policies
  • Evaluating policy and procedures
  • Everything you still want to know


2 Day Workshop $2290

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