Writing for Policy Results

2 Day Workshop

Another two-day immersion, delivered by experienced policy professional, Nonie Malone, and awarded government writing educator, Sandra Hogan, this workshop will hone your skills so you and your decision-makers have confidence in your written communications. 

Topics Covered:
  • Know the critical importance of writing in the policy development process
  • Understand how to use policy documents to reach and influence decision-makers
  • Know how to navigate the complex policy environment
  • Distinguish the elements of good policy writing and learn by doing
  • Know how to engage internal and external stakeholders effectively
  • See how policy documents influence and embody policy
  • Develop confidence in planning and creating policy documents
  • Know how to communicate accurately, briefly and comprehensively 


Free copy of The Australian Policy Handbook


An invaluable guide for practitioners, academics and students to the craft of policy analysis, development and evaluation. It is an important resource for those with a commitment to sound evidence-based public policy.

Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO

An enduring and important contribution to the field. Althaus, Bridgman and Davis’ pioneering policy cycle approach continues to offer vital insights into the policy-making process in Australia and internationally.

Lisa Paul AP PSM, Former Secretary of the Department of Education


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Course Outline

Day One: Policy writing in context and action

 1. Policy writing ideals and reality

  • Exploration of writing experiences

  • What goes wrong in policy writing?

  • What is needed to produce good work?

2. Essential writing to support the stages of the policy cycle

  • Overview of the nature of policy and the policy cycle

  • Policy documents and their purposes

3. Identifying and reaching the right audience

  • Identify the target and incidental audiences for each type of document

  • What strategies do you need to meet the needs of the particular audience?

4. Briefing note and correspondence writing tools & skills

  • What gets in the way of writing a good brief or letter and what to do about it

  • What content do you need and how do you organise it?

  • Getting your point across

5. Communicating clearly #1 – why grammar & punctuation count

  • Taking the pain out of grammar & punctuation (group exercise)



Day Two: Influencing through policy writing


1. Plain English tools & skills

  • How to recognise and avoid jargon and obfuscation

  • When and how should technical language be used

  • The language of policy

  • How to communicate the complex simply

2. Convincing decision-makers

  • What do decision-makers want and need?

  • How to argue for the best course of action

  • How to write recommendations that lead to decisions

3. Cabinet submissions, discussion (green) papers, white papers

  • What are these documents for?

  • What makes a good cabinet submission?

  • Complexity made simple - planning and creating Cabinet submissions

4. Communicating clearly #2

  • Sentence by sentence - writing for clarity

  • Presentation without words

5. Managing for efficiency and effectiveness as a policy writer

  • How to find strategies and resources to help you reach ideals

  • How to foster conditions in your agency to facilitate your writing

  • Personal skills for policy influence.


2 Day Workshop $2290

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