Tools and Skills for Policy Practitioners

Brisbane - 2021-12-07 | Few Places Available

2 Day Workshop - In Person Places Available

Interactive learning suitable for practitioners at all levels. Learn from experts with years of policy experience at all levels.

Co-author of the highly-acclaimed and longstanding Australia Policy Handbook, Peter Bridgman leads a two-day immersion in policy advice and production. Along with experienced policy professional, Nonie Malone, this is a workshop delivered by practitioners, not academics, and tailored to the work on your desk right now. 

Topics Covered:
  • Develop new policy skills and build on your existing skills
  • Understand why developing policy advice is hard
  • Come away with new tools and frameworks to improve your analysis
  • Navigate the complex policy environment
  • Distinguish the elements of good policy and learn from policy failure
  • Know how to engage stakeholders effectively
  • See how policy practitioners lead and manage policy
  • Develop confidence in planning and execution for effective implementation and evaluation
  • Explore the interface between research, evidence, analysis, implementation and evaluation
  • Know how to balance control and flexibility to deal with uncertainty

Participants from a previous workshop said:

“The workshop lived up to my high expectations (colleagues had recommended this workshop).”

 “Gained a very holistic approach to public policy and how it fits in the government sector.”

 “Much better understanding of questions to be asked; planning processes to be adopted; policy cycle - particularly importance of evaluation. My thinking and work will be much better structured with clear objectives/outcomes.

 “Gave me a clear understanding of the policy processes in government.”


Free copy of The Australian Policy Handbook


An invaluable guide for practitioners, academics and students to the craft of policy analysis, development and evaluation. It is an important resource for those with a commitment to sound evidence-based public policy.

Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO

An enduring and important contribution to the field. Althaus, Bridgman and Davis’ pioneering policy cycle approach continues to offer vital insights into the policy-making process in Australia and internationally.

Lisa Paul AP PSM, Former Secretary of the Department of Education

Download the PDF Brochure for full course details.


Course Outline

Day One: Policy in Context

  1. Policy Issues
    • What is “public policy” and why is it important?
    • How do issues become policy issues?
    • Prioritising competing policy issues
  2. Policy analysis
    • How do we analyse policy issues?
    • Analytical tools and concepts
    • Innovative thinking
  3. How to make a difference: policy instruments
    • What tools do we have to make a difference?
    • Which tools are the right ones?
    • Understand legislation: when to use it and when not to use it
  4. Policy players
    • Methods for effective stakeholder communication
    • Ministers and Cabinet  / Council
    • The role of the policy analyst
    • Managing up essentials: influential communication and action

Day Two: Policy in Action

  1. Coordinating policy action inside government
    • Consultation with other agencies
    • The role and influence of central agencies
  2. Policy decision making
    • Policies that make sense to decision makers
    • Framing policy arguments
  3. Implementation and evaluation challenges
    • Implementation as success and failure
    • How do we know if our policies achieved the desired result?
  4. Integrating policy lessons
    • Essentials for good policy making
    • Dealing with uncertainty and time pressures
    • Project management for policy and programs
    • Managing in: maintaining and upgrading your own and your team’s policy capability


2 Day Workshop $2290

Early-bird discount of $200 if payment received by 1 January 1970

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