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Project management for policy and programs


2 Day Workshop

Interactive learning suitable for practitioners at all levels. Learn from experts with years of policy development, planning and management experience.

Topics Covered:
  • Know why and how to use project and program management for optimal policy process and outcomes
  • Apply program and project management techniques and tools to your own projects
  • Develop capability to manage projects and programs in a constantly changing environment
  • Explore the reasons for policy failure and ways to avoid and respond to early signs
  • Come away with stakeholder engagement and management tools and techniques
  • Understand how to plan and execute evaluations to maximise outcomes
  • Learn how to manage time, quality, people and political pressures
  • Enhance your leadership ability
  • Know how to balance control and flexibility to deal with uncertainty

Participants in the last workshop said:

"I had high expectations and wasn’t disappointed."

"Ray was a brilliant presenter – Presenters were very informed and experienced."

"I especially liked small group, tips/tools, ability to use something relevant to my work in a practical way."

"The applications and ideas will definitely be influencing my practice!"

"Thank you – this linked very well with last week’s Tools & Skills presentation. A great combination."

Free copy of The Australian Policy Handbook

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Professor Allan Fels, AO. Dean, Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).



Download the PDF Brochure for full course details.


Course Outline

Day One: Policy Program and Project Management in Context

  1. Policy programs and projects
    • The policy context and project management methodologies
    • Management requirements for policy programs versus policy projects
    • What determines failure versus success in policy programs and projects?
    • Why use project management in a constantly changing and uncertain environment?
  2. How best-practice project management applies to policy development
    • Understanding best-practice project management
    • What are the interrelationships and dependencies between the elements?
    • How project management supports the policy cycle
  3. Program and project leadership to optimise policy process and outcomes *
    • How good program and project leadership achieves best policy results
    • What makes good program and project managers good program and project leaders?
    • Decision-making in policy program and project management
    • The policy authorising environment
  4. Policy planning and scope management *
    • Key ingredients of good planning
    • Scope management – what is it?
    • Tools and techniques to assist in scope determination and management
    • Value management and its role in planning
  5. Managing policy on time, within budget, with limited resources *
    • Estimation tools and techniques
    • Application of the Pareto principle in programs and projects
    • How to manage and influence budget, schedule and resources
    • Control vs flexibility in policy projects and programs

Day Two: Policy Program and Project Management in action

  1. Risk and issue management on your project *
    • Difference between risks and issues
    • Identification and management of risks and issues – tools and techniques
  2. Benefits realisation and management through policy evaluation *
    • Definition of benefits in the policy context
    • How to prepare and use a benefits map to add value
  3. Realising and managing policy benefits beyond the life of the project or program
    • Evaluation essentials
    • Stakeholder planning, management and engagement essentials *
    • Identifying and analysing stakeholders
    • Managing and engaging stakeholders
    • Communication essentials
  4. When policy projects start to fail and the use of project management to respond *
    • How to recognise early warning signs of things going wrong
    • Actions to take to minimise impact
    • Assurance of effective governance
  5. Bringing it all together
    • Recap of concepts and applications introduced
    • Tools, templates and resources for further application and instruction

* Includes opportunity to apply to projects nominated by participants


2 Day Workshop $1,970

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