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Evaluation for a robust evidence-base for policy and programs


Two-day workshop combining policy management with evaluation expertise 

— delivered by Nonie Malone and Marion Norton. Interactive, hands-on learning suitable for practitioners at all levels

Topics Covered:
  • Understand the role of evaluation in delivering efficient & effective outcomes for government 
  • Know how to plan for and deliver quality evaluation that is fit for purpose and audience
  • Know how to influence the authorising environment to ensure quality evaluations can occur
  • Understand and know how to select and use evaluation methodologies
  • Develop capability in commissioning and managing evaluations 
  • Gain and refine program logic skills
  • Know how to develop the evidence-base from policy idea to post-program implementation
  • Become familiar with the best information available to support your evaluation responsibilities and practice.

Course Overview

Day One Fundamental Evaluation Skills:

Role of evaluation in policy decision-making
  • What is policy - where does it come from?  
  • From policy  to program – governments and non-government organisations.
  • What determines failure vs success in policy and programs?  
  • What is evaluation?
  • What do we evaluate and why?
  • Role of the policy officer in evaluation  

Evaluation skills for policy and programs

  • Applying program theory to uncover what works
  • Building outcome chains
  • Using program logic as a formative policy analytical tool

Basic evaluation tools

  • Creating an evaluation framework
  • to specify what, how and when
  • to evaluate
  • Identifying objectives, high-level evaluation questions, what to measure and sources of evidence

Scoping evaluation questions and data instruments

  • Understanding the purpose of the evaluation
  • Identifying perspectives of internal and external stakeholders to inform design and scope
  • Involving internal and external stakeholders in evaluation processes
  • Identifying and designing data instruments (incl. surveys, interviews, audits)
  • Revealing unintended consequences

Day Two - Applied Evaluation Skills For Policy & Programs

Evaluation design – choosing methodologies

  • Designing at the beginning of the policy cycle
  • Choosing time and place for different methods
  • Applying techniques for formative and summative evaluation
  • Demystifying evaluation terms
  • Designing at the end of the policy cycle

Evaluation planning, commissioning and governance

  • Integrating phases of evaluation with policy development and implementation
  • Managing meaningful evaluation with resource constraints
  • Incorporating ethical and culturally-appropriate practices
  • Securing authority and commitment for conduct and use of evaluation that fulfills its purpose

Building credibility through robust analysis and reporting

  • Making sense of evaluation data
  • Using sound research practices
  • Determining cause and effect, and challenging assumptions
  • Answering evaluation questions
  • Reporting findings to various audiences

Open session

  • Setting and meeting evaluation requirements for service providers
  • Developing competencies and skill building
  • Discuss Queensland Program Evaluation guidelines and other practical guidance

Feedback from previous workshop:


“Program logic will be very useful. Framework for reporting will be a great guide and checklist for strategy reevaluation activities.”
“Thank you very much for delivering a great workshop on evaluation.”

 “I feel I a much more capable of influencing evaluation to occur in my organisation as well as shaping it to be ‘fit for purpose’ :)”


Free copy of The Australian Policy Handbook

This authoritative guide to the practice and process of public policy in Australia combines sound analysis and practical know-how in a handbook of great value to students, teachers and practitioners.

Professor Allan Fels, AO. Dean, Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).



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2 Day Workshop $1,970

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